Star Safaris Dry Season Events 2017

The coming Dry season is a fabulous time for stargazing. Jupiter and Saturn, the King and Queen of the Planets, are visible from May to September.

My favourite target – our most underrated Moon will also be visible during much of the time. We can also observe a globular cluster, an open star clusters and a double star.

There is an array of lesser known Astronomical events occurring which will be detailed on the Star Safaris Facebook Page. If they interest you – we will be conducting special theme nights where you can come along and observe them.

When I am not conducting stargazing evenings for schools, or private functions, I will be stargazing on Darwin’s Esplanade opposite Lameroo Apartments (next door to Mantra on the Esplanade). Look for the sandwich board illuminated by the red light.

As well as the planets, we can observe the International Space Station, the Hubble Space Telescope or any number of satellites and provide you the information so you can find them when they visit your patch of sky

Our prices vary accordingly – going to the Booking Page will present a calendar with our scheduled events. Stargazing usually goes for about an hour. You can bring a fold up chair or a rug and hang out and look in wonder at your “new” night sky…!

Star Safaris is also available to provide telescope viewing and night sky tours for weddings, conferences, Birthday parties, school evenings and private functions. Contact me for prices and availability.